I was introduced to The Dime through their studio engineer & mutual friend, DJ Icewater, sometime around 2007. I gave them a few beats I had been working on, one of which soon became “Love Me or Leave Me Alone,” my one contribution to the album. They needed a dj, so we started doing shows together, and tracks such as “Blue Galaxy,” “Rollin’ Up 2,” and “Okie Doke” became the backbone of our performances. I started involving The Dime in my parties, and songs such as “Orange Sherbet” and “The Skillet” became the inspiration for some of my events. So this is more than an album to me; it’s an artifact of and testament to years of life experience.

Besides all that, the album slaps. “Prescription” is a super dj-friendly uptempo burner. “No Candlelights” works equally well on the dancefloor or in the bedroom. But don’t sleep on that dying breed of song, the album cut. Put “Pelican Way” or “Smooth Sailing” on in your headphones and just zone out. Then again, you might want to just listen to the whole thing beginning to end. That way you won’t miss out on the classic interlude conversations where they reminisce about pencil fights and elementary school beatdowns. You might even soak up a little history of Richmond, California in the process.

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The album is digital, but we also decided to do something for the djs, record nerds, and collectors out there by pressing up two songs on 7″ vinyl. The pressing, “Rollin’ Up 2″ b/w “Okie Doke,” is available for purchase online or in select stores (Amoeba, Groove Merchant, Records L.A., ArtForm, etc.) Or you can just holler at us at a show, while supplies last. Copies have been limited to 300, and there won’t be a second pressing, so you know what to do.

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