Like most dj’s websites, this gets updated way less than it should. (If you want the latest info and music, follow me on twitter, add me on facebook, or check out my soundcloud account.) Anyways, better late than never, here’s my top ten djing highlights of 2012:

10. Breakestra @ Brick & Mortar, SF
I played a set of all-vinyl breaks. Then they played some of those same breaks, and more, live.
9. XXX Rap night @ Home Turf Tuesdays (Skylark)
Every rap song you’ve ever been offended by, stuffed into one night. And yes, this was my idea.
8. MJ’s Brass Boppers shows – Disco Volante & Van Keef’s.
A chance to explore the musical heritage of Nola, from traditional brass band music to funk to bounce and current hip hop. More collaborations in store for 2013 with MJ’s Brass Boppers.
7. Private mansion pool party
Eight hours of djing. Five a.m. last call. If you were there, you know.
6. MOM SF, Madrone
It’s a testament to the Motown era (and Motown on Monday djs Timoteo & Gordo Cabeza) that the dancefloor gets packed by 9:00 at this party. What with my Stax mixtape released last year, this was a long-overdue collaboration. The real pleasure was seeing the crowd get open to Bink$ & K.nightshift’s live performance of “Green Onions.” Old meets new.
5. Syl Johnson show @ Funky Sole (The Echo, Los Angeles)
Another all-vinyl night at one of the best and longest-running parties in Los Angeles. Syl Johnson is now in his 70′s but still put on an incredible show, even singing out the chorus of a song he was sampled on, ODB’s “Shame on a N***a.” Me getting the chance to play semi-obscure records in the funk yard was pretty cool too.
4. Weddings
From Mississippi to Malibu, it was a busy year for your boy on the wedding front. It’s always an honor to be a part of someone’s big day, and there were a lot of memorable experiences and beautiful settings. Thankfully, 2013 is starting to fill up too.
3. Long Beach Funk Fest
Street party in the LBC! The main stage included legends such as the Family Stone and Dennis Coffey. I closed out the night on the turntables, with one speaker broken and the other one well on its way. I busted out some James Brown, Ohio Players, and Parliament, but all the crowd really wanted to do was Wobble. I was happy to comply.
2. Secret Skillet Rooftop Party
Music sounds better outdoors, on the roof, during Indian Summer in the Bay. Pretty awesome that an invite-only party for friends and fans of the Skillet turned out so well. Tina Tamale served up lots of dishes, friends helped out with the bar, and we even raised money for a good cause. The homies Solo, 808, Tekneek, Lazyboy, and Tim Diesel kept the beats coming, Aima the Dreamer turned up to rock the mic, and Bink$ Win$ton and K.nightshift found time to shoot a video. DJ Platurn’s 45′s set at the last minute was the icing on the cake.
1. DJing with Matthew Africa
Although I’d known Matthew since about 2004, it took a long time for us to really get to know each other. For someone with such a respected pedigree and a musicologist’s level of knowledge, he was criminally underbooked over the last couple years. I started making it a point to attend his gigs and soak up as much musical knowledge as I could. I told him that I was open to trading guest spots with him sometime, and was surprised when he agreed. I spun at his night at the Layover (“High Life”) and he did a set at the Skillet. They both went so well that we put together a party at Disco Volante. We named it Savoir Faire, as a tribute to the late 70′s/early 80′s era of music: disco, boogie, Sugarhill-type rap, and as he put it, “oysters on the half-shell and rollerskates (rollerskates).” I have fond memories of everybody dancing as he played the last song of the night, “Who’s That Lady?” by the Isley Brothers. Rest in peace, Matthew. You are missed.