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Welcome to the new website. With all the various music forums and social networking platforms, it makes sense to consolidate everything I’m doing into one website. I’m knee deep in some projects that will be unrolled in the coming months, so stay tuned. And don’t forget to connect via facebook and twitter if you’re digging the music.

Big thanks to John Constantine for the web design. Shout outs are also in order to Whitney Thomas, DJ Neta, and Jamie Rodriguez. And can’t forget about my crew, the Record Rockers, and The Dime for all their collaborative efforts. Bigger and better in 2011!

The Skillet with special guest Kool Kyle

The Skillet with special guest Kool Kyle

If you missed the 1-year anniversary of The Skillet last month, here’s what I remember:

DJ Mist, Solo, and myself showing up with 1,000 tons of vinyl. Forest Stearns ( laying down a fresh ink drawing on canvas during happy hour while Mist drops the classic cuts. Hella friends stopping by to show love and buy me drinks. A packed dancefloor by 10:00, windows completely fogged up by 11:00, utter chaos by 1:30. Billy Ruckus rocking the full mohawk. Me and Solo throwing down some of our favorite jams. The Dime ripping the Tears remix over “They Reminisce Over You.” Killah Priest of Wu Tang Clan showing up, grabbing the mic. Me playing Shimmy Shimmy Ya while he leads the crowd in chants of “O.D.B.! R.I.P.!” Um, yeah. Pretty great.

It’s gonna be hard to follow that one up, but damn if we’re not gonna try. Making his debut at The Skillet is the one and only Kool Kyle. I remember dude when he sold hip hop tapes on Telegraph back in the day. Lately my man has been holding down the bay scene real heavy playing all kinds of cumbia, latin dancehall, salsa, and more. His Saturday party at the Makeout Room, “El Supperritmo!”, was featured in USA Today as one of the top 10 Latin parties in the country. Watch out, he’s probably gonna have a lot of surprises in store for the night. Don’t ask questions, just keep moving your feet.

You already know The Dime is gonna put it down on the microphone duties. I’ve watched the buzz grow exponentially over the past several months for their debut album, “The Brickyard Cove.” If you didn’t get any sampler promo cds last month, you’re just gonna have to wait for the album to be officially released. But if you come to The Skillet, you just might experience some music you won’t hear anywhere else. Besides that, K.nightshift is the best crowd controller on the mic in the Bay, hands down.

My fellow Record Rocker Big Man 808 will be helping me out on the Happy Hour duties this month, so please remember to arrive early. And most importantly: expect the unexpected.

The Dime & DJ Crimson in SF Weekly

The Dime & DJ Crimson in SF Weekly

SF Weekly recently took some time to interview The Dime about some upcoming shows, their album “Brickyard Cove,” and more.  Check what they had to say:

What’s the breakdown of musical duties on your albums? Live?
Shift: Man, me and Cee share all the responsibilities, from coming up with concepts, to the writing. It be like running a relay race man…
Chioke: Yea, and then we got close ones to us whose input we value so we always try to listen and keep an open mind about what others’ll be suggesting for that good quality assurance, ya know?
Shift: DJ Icewater was responsible for the recording, arrangement, initial mixing and overall flow of the Brickyard Cove album. He made the story that’s told in that album come alive…

Shift: With the live shows, we be working closely with DJ Crimson and Bink$ Win$ton man. Our shows be more like grown folks game night at the house. After you put all the kids to bed, and get to doing what grown folks do…

What’s the story behind Brickyard Cove? Does it tell a story itself?
Chioke: Brickyard Cove is about two brothers from the Rich on the come up trying to establish a sanctuary for us and our families, and then learning that sometimes that grand prize is deception…
Shift: Yea man, also it’s about coming into manhood from young adulthood. Also love is discussed a lot, not just romantic love for women, but love of your family and community. The heartbreaks and the triumphs…
Chioke: The Cove album is a tale of hope also. While we was working on that project we had close friends who was suffering from depression and were contemplating suicide, for real. So the Cove became a type of anti-suicide letter to our folks. Towards the start of the album we say, “Folks I know committed suicide/ How could I uplift?/ What brung em down?/ Knew one who chose to drown/ One hung himself, folks cut him down/ I’m unprepared/ Souls leave us to rep for that corner/ Im only scared of jail, Jesus, and death – in that order..”